My official weigh in this morning (Tuesday) was 235 pounds. That is a fifteen pound loss since January 3rd. To be perfectly honest, I am disappointed in that number.

This time around, it’s been different. The cravings are far less, cheating few and far between and numbers much lower. I’m having a hard time believing my age is playing a factor (I’m only 25!) and am beginning to think the RIGHT way is the SLOW way.

If I was able to keep my ass off the damn scale I’d be a lot better off. Alas, I cannot. Woe.

At the moment, exercise is alluding me and I am 100% okay with it. For now. I wake up as it is at 6:00 am (or earlier) to a crying baby, out the door by 7:00 to make the thirty minute trip to daycare, deal with all the bullshit at work, make the hour trip home, cook dinner, clean up from dinner, do laundry, clean, bathe Landon, put him to bed, clean up the house for the night, get bottles/food/my breakfast and lunch ready for the next day, bathe MYSELF, and somewhere in between try to keep Mark happy. So, exercise? Not at the top of my list or even in the middle of my list.

I took a picture of myself this morning to document what I look like in real clothes. Here is what 235 pounds looks like, on me.

You see!? Landon does wear clothes, most of the time. You can totally see the Asian in him in this photo.

The cocked hip is not a slimming technique but merely, an attempt to keep my sleepy baby from crashing to the ground.

Also, please don’t judge me by the extreme LACK of furnishings in our bedroom, we lack funds to accomplish such things.


~ by Kendall on February 16, 2011.

One Response to “235”

  1. looking good! slow and steady baby! keep up the great work. and when youre feeling bummed go pick up 15 pounds of something.

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