Let’s get Ferber-ized!

Since Landon got sick a few weeks ago, our nights have been ROUGH. In the course of the few days he was sick, he got very used to us coming in to soothe him in the middle of the night.

Prior to the Great Plague of 2011, he was sleeping like a champ. He would drink his bottle, say goodnight to Daddy, and be put in his crib without incident. No screaming or crying just a roll to the side to cuddle with his blankie and he was zonked out.

Yesterday, Mark and I (in our exhaustion fog) decided something had to be done. Our sweet boy was going to learn that hours between 9 PM – 6 AM are not made for cuddles. I had heard about the Ferber method a few times before, when Landon was a teensy baby, and thought it was a bit cruel for what I was trying to accomplish at the time. Now? Bring.it.on.

Landon rarely fusses unless he is very tired or very hungry. The plan was, at the first sign of fuss he would get a bath, bottle and then bed.

The Fuss” reared it’s ugly head around 7:00 last night but we kept it at bay with an empty diaper box until 7:30. Go us! Bathtime was accomplished by 7:45. Bedtime preparations were over by 8:00 and he was in his bed by 8:15. Previously, we would try to keep him up past 9:30 in hopes he’d be so exhausted he would sleep all night. Clearly, we are geniuses dumbasses.

As I walked him to his crib to lay him down the realization hit him and the screaming began. I gave him a kiss and whispered night-night and put him down. OH, did I also mention, we are paci breaking at the same time? We are gluttons for punishments, obvs!

He screamed for approximately 28 mintes. Just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. I wanted to go and check on him so badly. I waited. I sure in Hell was not about to wake him up.

When I finally snuck in there, he was sound asleep, snoring like a grown man. No paci and no soothing from Mama.

The victory in the whole thing is, he slept from 8:45ish until I woke him up this morning. No middle of the night cuddle calls.

Hopefully it continues this way.

Here is my guy last night trying to get the diaper box off the couch.

Yes, I am aware that the kid never wears pants.


~ by Kendall on February 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Let’s get Ferber-ized!”

  1. Go mama! For what it’s worth, some kids (mine included) to better the earlier they go to bed and will actually sleep later. Carter (25 months) goes to bed between 7:15-7:30 and will sleep (if on the weekend) til around 7:30 or 8am. Currently, he takes one two hour nap, but last weekend it was 3-4 hr naps. Incredible. Just keep it in mind… you might try putting him down even earlier before he gets too far into the fussing. Great job!!

    • same w/Jonah. as long as he’s asleep before 8, he will sleep a solid 12 hours every time. but if life gets in the way and he has to go down later? he follows that with an earlier morning wake-up every.single.time. makes no damn sense, but that’s what always happens.

      Stay strong mama! 🙂

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