Slow beginners

Invisible friends, I need your advice.

Landon is almost nine months old, in about two weeks. He doesn’t crawl, or even attempt to crawl. When on his stomach he doesn’t even get up on his hands and knees. His pediatrician has assured me he will crawl on his own time but, as the weeks fly by, the more worried I become. Maybe it’s the sheer weight that hinders his progress, maybe he is lazy like his Mom.

We have tried to bribe him with, every! thing! No interest, whatsoever. On his stomach, he flips almost immediately. Mark and I have gotten down on our hands and knees to SHOW him how it’s done. We prop him on HIS hands and knees to show him how he SHOULD be positioned, arms give out.

Also, he has no teeth buds.

So, any advice?


~ by Kendall on February 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Slow beginners”

  1. I have nothing to add on the tooth front, but Carter didnt crawl until he was 10.5 months old. He could scoot backwards on his belly, but he never even army crawled forward, though he did roll EVERYWHERE. He walked at 14 months. He runs now, every where. We worried too, but he did it when he was good and ready.

  2. My sister walked before she crawled… so there’s that too!

  3. I wouldn’t worry about either thing! I promise he will crawl/walk when he is ready. Every child is different. It doesn’t mean he is “slow” or over weight. He just doesn’t want to do it. The same thing for his teeth. Every child gets teeth at a different time. I have known kids that didn’t get teeth until they were almost 1. Don’t fret, he is doing great momma.

  4. I don’t really have any advice – maybe just a little encouragement, though. My oldest had super strong legs from day one. He actually started doing that “walking while holding your fingers” thing at 7 months, even though he wasn’t crawling yet. He was slow to walk on his own (I felt), starting that up right around 15 months, but he was always using those legs. He was so strong and I thought, even though it was taking him a while to walk, he was MILES ahead of the curve. I think he started crawling at 9 months.

    But when my second one came along, it was as though he had no legs at all. He never once pushed up onto his feet when I held him, facing me, on my lap. When you picked him up from sitting position, he’d keep those legs at a 90 degree angle and had NO INTEREST in putting his feet down on the ground. I worried about him. For a while I thought there was some kind of serious problem. You can imagine the relief when he finally started crawling. AT 11 MONTHS. They both started walking at 15.

    Now my third boys has 2 older brothers to keep up with and started walking the week after his first birthday. It’s hard for me to remember that at his current age (14.5 months) the other two still hadn’t even started walking!

    Anyway. I know it can be hard, but hang in there and be patient. He’ll come to it when he’s ready.

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