Growing up, our meals were fairly simple. We could generally count on, a meat, a starch and a vegetable. Starch being a baked potato, mashed potatoes or steamed rice with butter and soy sauce. Vegetable would be a salad, corn, lima beans or broccoli. That’s it.

 As I’ve become a wife and a mother the meals I make for my family are modeled after the same principal. Can we say, BORING?

Since we didn’t grow up with much variety (for many reasons) I never experienced quite a few foods. these days, I find it difficult to find foods that are both healthy and that I enjoy.

A short list of things I just cannot bring myself to eat.

– Onions, unless fried or cleverly disguised in cheese.

– Peppers, of any variety. Bell, red, yellow, orange.

– Jalapenos (will never ever eat a jalapeno, cannot even smell them without gagging. Once mistook a pickle for a jalapeno. Much screaming and crying ensued. I was 6. It was traumatic.)

– Hot tomatoes. Spaghetti, pizza sauce, on a hamburger or hot sandwich. Gag.

– Hot fruit. Cobblers, pies, fruit on oatmeal.

– Beans. I will eat them, I just don’t love them. Refried is out.of.the.question.

– Cooked carrots. Unless they are in beef and broccoli.

– Mustard.

– Oysters, for obvious slimey reasons.

– White meat chicken & turkey. I will eat it but I much prefer dark meat.

– Celery. It’s the texture AND taste.

– Bananas. They make me gag.

So you see? I have many challenges. In other news, I have a very sick baby and a very sick self. At one point this morning there were several piles of pink amoxicillin puke on the couch/floor/me and him. He has bronchitis and an ear infection. The coughing leads to gagging, the gagging leads to barfing and the barfing is almost always after I try to give him his medicine. Fuck you very much, daycare.

I’m apologizing if this post doesn’t make sense or is mis-spelled. I started writing it last week sometime. I’m not spell checkin’.


~ by Kendall on January 25, 2011.

One Response to “Persnickety.”

  1. Ha! You sound like my husband with your picky eating habits…it definitely makes dinner time tricky!

    Hope you and the little guy start feeling better soon.

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