Here we are, on Day 4 of The Biggest Blogging Loser competition and my stomach is currently growling out a greeting to you all! Rawrrrhelloworldrawwrrrfeedmerawwwr. I have to tell you, I am not at all accustomed to being hungry. In the past I have always eaten just to eat, not because I was hungry. My stomach was always filled before it had a chance to know what hunger felt like. I can assure you,  my stomach (let’s call her Bertha) is not at all pleased.

Up until this morning I had resisted the urge to step on the scale knowing if I weigh everyday, I am setting myself up for disappointment. Today isn’t the day to share results, good or bad but, I was impressed by the number. All I’ve got to say is, suck balls ladies, I am going to take your money! (That was intended for the other BBL participants – but you know, suck balls if you wish.)

Sooner or later I will incorporate some exercise into the routine but finding time  has been challenging. LA Fitness is taking 8 of my dollars every week so I’d better drag Bertha over there and get this show on the road. My only free time slot during the day is at lunch and pshhhhyaright,  how would I blog to all of my imaginary friends? (I dare you to write a blog on an iPhone while on the elliptical, I’ve tried. It sucks.)

Walks with Landon after work are ruled out. Basically, I prefer to stay in my house, behind locked doors after the sun sets in our neighborhood. Also, cold. Call me a pansy, but I don’t deal well with below 60 degrees. This doesn’t bode well for me since meteorologists are predicting “winter weather” next week. This is Texas, we are supposed to be wearing our Tommy Bahama shirts, lounging poolside all year.

Tonight is going to be my first real endurance test. Mexican food, with my best hookers. Best hookers + no kid = me + beer.

No beer. No beer. No beer.

We’ll see. I’ll leave you today with a video I’ve shown to just about everyone I know. Forgive, he’s cute. Plus, if you’re having a shit day, it might make you laugh.


~ by Kendall on January 6, 2011.

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