26 weeks

14 to go. Holy shit this takes FOREVA!

Evidently my dude like to reside under the fattest layer of my fat. As seen, I appear to be carrying very low. He digs the left side and it’s the only side I’ve ever felt him move. He is either kicking me or punching me on my left side just above my hip bone.

His daddy still hasn’t felt him from the outside. I have felt him but Mark can’t tell between my breathing and Nuggey’s kicks. He is most active right after I shower about 8 or 9 in the evening, probably because I take showers about the tempature hot enough to burn flesh and I imagine he is a teensy bit uncomfortable.

Another new development – my hair has become curly. What the fuckin’ fuck? My whole life I’ve wanted curly hair and NOW it decides to change it’s mind? Speaking of hair, I’m cutting all it off and donating it Locks of Love next week. It’s half way down my back and I just can’t maintain it any longer. I become EXHAUSTED at night after I shower and have to brush it and sometimes want to break down in tears trying to get through the tangles. I figured if I’m going to bite the bullet – I might as well donate it.

Pre-pregnancy pants are still being worn because maternity pants look like baggy fat old lady pants on me. Not to mention, the ass sags down to my ankles and half the time I feel like I dropped a load. Not cute. I just wear my pre preg jeans unbuttoned with my bella band and things work out just fine!

Dudes, I wish you all could see the state of my eyebrows right now. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve had them threaded and the situation is becoming dire (I’ve lost my tweezers and refuse to buy another pair.) Plus, I now have a giant pimple embedded that will not effing get a head so I can pop the sucker.

My reflux is gone, gone, GONE! and the Angels rejoiced! Thank Jesus for Nexium. Also, while I want to beat the shit out of Medicaid right now (a whole ‘notha post!) I am happy that I had it while I did to give me at least temporary relief.

Hopefully I will be back around before my next ultrasound, Wednesday February 24th but I wouldn’t hold my breath! Be good kids.


~ by Kendall on February 12, 2010.

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