23 week update

Also known as, the week I began wearing leggings as pants. LEGGINGS AS PANTS!! Why? Because they stretch, thats WHY!

  See? leggings as pants. When I bend over, the material stretches out and you can see my underwear. It’s thrilling to all, I’m sure. I actually have my hair down and makeup on! *GASP* shocking, I know.

I don’t know if this is just an incredibly unflattering angle but in my head, I do not look this big. Seriously. That belly looks like it belongs to somebody carrying twins.

23 weeks and 2 days, in case you are keeping track.

This weekend Mark was out of town at a few gigs so my Mom, sister and I decided to have a sleep over and paint Landon’s room, destroying my pristine house in the process. ha-HA!

My sister and brother-in-law rocked the early gift givage with Landon’s nursery bedding. Seriously, they bought us our Dyson vacuum for an early wedding gift. No I will not trade. They are all mine!

 I pulled into my driveway Friday evening to find my Mom sitting on the back of her tailgate, 3 ladders leaned up against her truck, 3 overnight bags and countless other perephanalia she wouldn’t need. Bless her heart. She is a silly girl but a painter extraordinaire!

We waited around and I watched her move some furniture around, until my sister got to the house with the crib (a hand me down from my other sister’s son, who now sleeps on the floor. He is awesome.com) We took off to Home Depot and perused the paint chips, changing our minds a thousand times. Laughed at all of the blindingly hideous colors up for grabs and wondered who in God’s name would ever chose them. After stock piling our cart with crap we did not need, we headed for checkout. One hundred and sixty dollars later, we were out the door and on to food.

For the record, I’m not really sure how I ever lived my life without shrimp quesadillas. I’m going back tonight because Mark has a business meeting. I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it.

Saturday morning I awoke to the all to familiar sounds of a home I once knew, the vacuum cleaner at 8:00 AM. Dirty hookers. Cleaning my house at that un-Godly hour. How dare they! We spent most of the day painting and making fun of each other. By we I mean, they. I spent most of my day laying on the floor.

At the end of the day, this is what Lando’s room looked like. Well kind of, we centered the crib against the wall. I’ve decided after a few days of debating that I am going to paint the yellow wall the greenish/blue color. This is where I need your help. We will be purchasing the matching dresser/changing table to go with this crib and putting in a rocker but, I need decorating help.

What would you put on the walls? I do know that I am going to buy a chocolate brown/white polka dot rug and put up some floating shelves but other than that … I’m leaving it up to you all.

Vinyl tree on the wall? Cute paintings? His name monogrammed?



~ by Kendall on January 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “23 week update”

  1. Where do you buy leggings? I’m seriously lost as to how to go about it. Don’t they have an elastic waist and doesn’t it cut in (to MY fat roll)?

    As for decor- all that’s in Carter’s room is a little round table next to the glider. Crib, dresser, glider, table and this old armoire I painted. It’s holding the boxes of his old clothes. I bought some art from here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/vol25 (The “Lions, Tigers and Bears” print set) but I don’t have them actually ON the wall yet. Nor are his curtains hung.

    It’s funny actually… I had a pregnant hissy fit to have a finished nursery and he didn’t even start sleeping in it til a few months ago. Ahhh hormones.

    • Sara – Try Spanx leggings. I’ve never tried them myself (I hear they are wonderful for slimming things up) but the leggings I have now are from Lane Bryant … I just pull em up over my belly!

      The first day I wore a short sleeve sweater/dress. It was long enough to cover my butt so when I bent over my undies didn’t show! I also have a pair of flat footed knee high suede boots that I wore. Everybody at the baby shower I wore it to said they couldn’t tell I was preganant. The girls shower I was at said she thought I’d lost weight (and she knows I’m pregnant!) I think the key (for me) is to keep it all one color and accesorize with color.

      This weekend I wore them with a long sleeved t-shirt and my black running shoes. It looked like I was going to work out but I didn’t care – I was COMFORTABLE!!

      Make sure you get some that you can’t see through!

  2. I would LOVE to try one of those wall decal things though. I say DO IT!

  3. I think his name on the wall and a decal would be cute!!

  4. i would get some nice art-nothing too cutesy (but i think you’re on the anti-cutesy band wagon anyway) and a monogram maybe, cute lamp, fun knobs on his dresser, etc.? No matter what you do, you’ll LOVE it. 🙂

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