Nobody told me it’d be like this.

Seriously, nothing I’ve read in any of the baby books or websites or word of mouth had me prepared for the level of food I have consumed in the last 2 or so weeks. I feel like a 14 year old boy hitting the prime of puberty. I’m fully expecting a double digit weight gain the next time I go see doc.

This weekend? I ate a whole pan of brownies with ice cream and also, left my wallet in the cart at Babies R’ Us (which I switched for a less squeeky one.) Things I am blaming my actions on? Pregnancy. I had a FREAK OUT moment wherein I began frantically searching everyone’s basket around me, to their dismay. Crazy lady alert! My poor stepchild. It’s a good thing she isn’t old enough to be embarassed.

To put it on record, I’m 98% certain that Land-o Hernando is going to exit the birth canal wielding a badass electric guitar, crooning bluesy soul music, and sporting perfectly coifed hair. Yes, he has been given the nickname Lando-o Hernando and yes, John Mayer’s Battle Studies in my ears and surrounding me 24/7 since it was released. Before now, I was never a fan of Mr. Mayer but as of late, I find myself doing tasks that require me to plug in the iPod to jam (ex. cleaning the kitchen, gasp!) because I’ve never been a “sit-on-the-couch-doing-nothing-but-listening-to-music” kinda gal.  

Speaking of cleaning, does it ever effin stop? I literally cleaned every single day of my New Years break. I finally have the house to a state of semi-cleanliness and I’m no longer fearing the authorities coming to take my dog child and ordering a mandated cleaning. The laundry is about 90% done and ol’ Johnny Mayer is going to make sure I get the remainder done this evening. Maybe. If I don’t sit down first.

I’ll leave you with two photos: the first, me at 17 weeks (fat or pregnant? You decide!) The second is Lando’s first outfit which was almost not meant to be (somebody had turned in my wallet.)


~ by Kendall on January 4, 2010.

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