Hello blog world – it’s been a long time since I’ve been ’round these parts. Honestly, it didn’t even cross my mind until my best friend mentioned, um – hello, are you ever going to update your freakin’ blog again?! So I thought since my bitter unhappiness has worn off I should delight my few readers with boring news most of them have already heard.

  • I am halfway through my pregnancy and haven’t gained any weight (except for the weight I had lost the previous month because, I’m not counting it and referring to it as “pre-pregnancy weight.)
  • I will be 20 weeks on Friday.
  • My jeans still fit, although not where I normally wear them but below my ever expanding waistline which means I am annoyingly pulling at them all day so as to not to expose my coworkers to my asscrack.
  • We are having a boy. (I knew it all along!)
  • After the first tri-mester scariness and health issues – everything seems to be fine.
  • A name has been chosen after much debating and choosing and changing and letter re-arranging.
  • Landon Gabriel Hernandez
  • At almost 19 weeks when we had the ultrasound – he was bouncing around so much the ultrasound tech couldn’t capture all of the images she needed. If it’s any indication of his life to come – I will never sit down.
  • My medicaid was *finally* approved after4 months. I found out that I have had coverage since September 1 without notification which is a JOY for us since we have already paid our OB close to $2,000 which cannot be recovered.
  • I am not complaining. They are covering our previous hospital bills from our ER trip in October (hallelujah!)
  • I’ve gone a little crazy with the baby registry. Kendall Hernandez in Houston Texas on babiesrus.com and walmart.com (yaknow, if you were wondering!) Just kidding. Maybe.
  • We are awaiting the results of my glucose tolerance test. I almost barfed. For serious.
  • I haven’t felt Nuggey kick yet but he has quite a few layers to penetrate.
  • Most days I feel equal parts complete terror that I am going to be a mother and complete crackhead joy that in 20 weeks, I will have a baby in my arms.
  • Here are some photos of our dude for your viewing pleasure.


~ by Kendall on December 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Updates”

  1. I am so happy for you!! You and Mark are going to be wonderful parents and little Landon is going to be one loved little boy!! Did I mention, boys are awesome!!! I have 4 of em!

  2. Yay! How exciting!!! Glad the insurance thing is all taken care of and you are getting to concentrate on fun stuff like registering!

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