Introducing Nuggey McNuggerson.


Hurrah for finally getting to meet our baby 🙂 This morning I had my first date with the ultra terrifying vaginal probe. It was far from sexy, I assure you. I was unaware of why they asked me to strip down completly but was later given a breast exam and it all made sense. Just a thought but perhaps OB’s should carry a larger size “robe” for us larger gals.

All of my “feelings” were quickly kahboshed (I thought we were having twins and that I was further along) when we only saw one little Nuggey on the ultra sound screen. Our babe is currently 9 weeks and 4 days with a due date of May 22, 2009 (thank God for small miracles [and big ones too], I won’t be pregnant in the heat of the summer!)

I also have to say, I love love love my doctor! Stephanie Champion at Care for Women. I was dreading a doctor that was going to lecture me on my weight and be like the scary Asian guy from Knocked Up. So far, she is a dream and I’m so happy they paired us up.

So without further adeu – our blob baby.



~ by Kendall on October 21, 2009.

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