Welcome to the Blah Blah Blah.

 *The majority of this post was composed last week*

I don’t really have anything important or relevant to post so I thought I’d just do a little “blah blah blah – ing.” I woke up this morning to the InterWebs ablaze with news that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Um … wait … what? Come again please?


Wiki defines the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to “the person who shall have done the most or best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” Color me puzzled. That’s all I am going to say about it. Even I, somebody who has always been willing to give the dude a chance, am left wondering what in fuck the committee was thinking.


In other news, barf. It should be defined as an emotion. Honestly, sometimes it’s all I feel all day long; the unending need to ralph. It’s not even a feeling of nausea so much as an, “oh shit, I’m going to puke on the floor if I don’t hustle to some sort of receptacle.” No warning, no signs, it just happens. Mark and I went to Babies R’ Us on the eve of our 3 year anniversary and bought got some “Preggie Pops.” I found them to be pretty useless. I could buy a bag of dum dums for much cheaper and have the same outcome. Not to mention, the preggie pops, are pretty gag inducing.


I’m feeling much more positive and happy about things in general. I have my bonding moments with my little nug mostly in the shower or in the mornings when Mark kisses my belly and tell us he loves us.  

I still haven’t made it to the doctor and I am DYING to. Medicaid hasn’t given us an answer but, the good news is, Mark was offered a job that provides health insurance after 3 months. Currently he is negotiating the terms of the contract, salary wise.


This week in my pregnancy:

1. My pants are still baggy but my shirts are becoming a little snug. It might be time to invest in the Bella Band.  Thoughts or recommendations? Is there a better brand? Cheaper? Better made?

2. I can no longer lay on my stomach which is my FAVORITE way to watch TV in bed. Suck.

3. Last night I sneezed and thought I had blown out my vagina.

4. I am feeling incredibly unattractive. I am in that akward but not unfamaliar stage of people looking; trying to figure out if I’m just fat or if I am in fact, pregnant. Maybe I should buy a slogan t-shirt to answer everyone’s question but, I fear I would resemble Jon Gosselin pre deuchebag days.

5. My eyebrows are in a current state of, wookieism. I look like a wildabeast. Hair is.growing.too.fast.

6. My belly is hard and distented. I feel like that poor little African boy on those donation shows.

7. If I stand for too long, my feet become swollen and puffy and hurt for hours. I know, it’s only going to get worse.




I have finally gotten sick of waiting around and waiting to talk to somebody from Medicaid (2 1/2 hours on hold today before I gave up) and taken it upon myself to schedule an appointment with an OB and will be paying cash.

My cash payment options are these: If I have the balance paid off by my 15th week (roughly the end of November) they will give me a 30% discount. Those numbers translate to: $2,100 due by the end of November. I have doubts that it’s going to happen but, I am going to try everything in my power to do it. I’m selling my Nikon D50 to my big sister for $300, I’m TRYING to sell my breast cancer awareness pink Kitchenaid stand mixer for $350, I have $300 coming in from a freelance job I did, about $400 in Scentsy commission and my regular paychecks.

If I don’t make the deadline, we will owe $2,900 by my 28th week. That cost includes, 14 office visits, delivery and 4 post partum visits (2 in the hospital and 2 in the office.)

Keeping in mind and hoping that I deliver 1 baby, vaginally. Also keep in mind, this does not include the cost of the hospital stay or anthesiologist (this girl ain’t goin’ natural Icantellyouthatrightnow.)


Here are my other options: ask my Mom for the money or sell my engagement/wedding rings. I have approximately $6,000 sitting on my left ring finger and every time I look down at them, I feel a terrible sense of guilt. I know I couldn’t sell them for even a fraction of what we paid but, it would be enough to get us over this hump.

In other news, I wish the sun would shine, if only for a moment. I have had too many days of darkness lately.

Also, I’m convinced I’ve run off a good portion of my readers with my Debbie Downer attitude lately and I’m sorry.

This just sucks.


~ by Kendall on October 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the Blah Blah Blah.”

  1. Congrats on Mark getting a job w/benefits & everything!
    And keep your chin up! It’s always darkest before the dawn…things will work out somehow someway. =)

  2. Awesome that Mark has been offered a job and thank God for the upcoming benefits. Things always have a way of working themselves out.

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