Back in the saddle …

… and ready to ride (get your mind out of the gutter, pervs.)

Here we are, almost a month post initial doctor visit and I have lost 16 pounds. I am finally beginning to feel as if I’ve accomplished something. I set my mind to lose weight and I did. No matter what happens from here on out, if I don’t lose another ounce (that would just downright blow) I have lost 16 pounds. Nobody can take that away from me (no matter how diligently they’ve tried.)


I can only imagine how much more weight I could have lost had I been exercising and following my diet plan like I am supposed to. What is there to say besides, life gets in the way.


I am finding myself longing to be at work, in this environment because, it seems to be where I do the best. As I’ve said before, home is always where I lose control. You may be wondering what I mean by losing control. If you googled the term, you’d probably find a picture of me; with a beak full of sweet & sour smothered french fries, sauce dribbling down my chin. Photo courtesy of a horrified gym going, yoga taking, tofu eating mama to teach her kids, “darlings don’t be like the big lady at the stoplight.” I ate McDonalds on Saturday not once but,  *cringe* twice and I ate a Kit Kat and then I thought my ass might fall off  (you figure it out if ya haven’t already.) The consequences of carb over load might just break down our entire plumbing system. Save the nicey nice comments about being able to indulge sometimes because let’s face it folks, isn’t that what got me here in the first place? I know what you are really thinking — wow, twice in one day? That is a problem.


This weekend was substantial proof of how easy it is for me to fall back into my old ways. Husband has a gig and I don’t have to cook for anybody? Go drive thru baby! Stepchild refuses to eat anything remotely healthy? Well, absolutely we can have chicken nuggets and ring pops for dinner! Don’t feel like *gasp* standing for longer than 5 minutes to make a meal? Ramen takes roughly 3 1/2 minutes to prepare. Nothing is on TV and you don’t really (besides 3,786 loads of laundry and countless other things) have anything else to do? That bag of chips would entertain me for at least 11.37 minutes. And so it goes … exuses lead to my downfall.


Last week was a struggle for me. I’m not sure if it was/is because I was/am premensie but, for the love of Moses, I wanted to eat everything. In one single night I ate an ENTIRE jar of green olives (not a small one either), 2 beefsteak tomatoes, a bag of beef jerky, 3 slices of cheese and enough sunflower kernels to supply an entire MLB team. Suffice it to say, my ass almost fell off (if you still haven’t figured it out, you’ve never eaten more than 1 tomatoe.)


The only thing I’ve stuck with is, no alcohol. I’ve not had a drop of the stuff since August 15th and I am beginning to think I might never drink again. Since getting on the bandwagon I have realized, it is much more entertaining to be sober and watch everybody else make fools of themselves. Trust me, with a husband in a band, there are more than enough opportunities to witness drunken foolery but, that’s a whole ‘nother post loves.


I know I promised follow up photos but, there really hasn’t been too many photo ops as of late. This one was taken Labor Day Sunday during a small lull at the merch table where I was selling the bands wares. We were slammed and I barely had a chance to hang with any of our family or friends that were there. Big Texas holds a capacity of about 1,400 people and during the night 1,000 bodies came through the door. It was asses to elbows. I was beyond happy for my boys, it has been a LONG road. It ain’t easy being a band wife. Trust.



You can’t neccesarily tell a difference because I was practicing  my “double chin avoidance technique” (take picture from above, point chin to ground, eyes up.)


… Moving onward, my next doctor’s appointment is on Wednesday and I am still debating on whether I should take another B12 shot. I’m not all that convinced the intial shot had any fabulous medical or otherwise health benefits. Other than the fact that I am one of only two people who didn’t catch the mother fuckin’ swine flu in our office, I am not experiencing any unusual bursts of energy or jumping out of bed in the morning singing, “You Are My Sunshine.” What do you think? To get the shot or not?


Tonight I am going to watch my little bub at his first ever “socca” practice. He just turned 3 in August, he still wears diapers and chews a “ni-ni” (binky.) In other words, it should be interesting if not highly entertaining. In my world, playing soccer in diapers is kind of putting the wagon before the horse but, hey I’m not da ‘mama! (2 points to whoever guesses the correct show!)


Anyshhhway, it’s time to feed the animal so this is a slightly less substantial Fatty signing off. Word to your mother.


~ by Kendall on September 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Back in the saddle …”

  1. yay for you!

    Isn’t that from the Dinosaurs?

  2. you can doooooooooooo it!!!!!!!! don’t worry so much about the shot, i doubt it is responsible for those 16lbs anyway!

  3. You are doing great girl!! Keep it up!!

  4. Overly happy, married, working mom to 4 kiddos. ,

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