Search Yield: Weird


It has come to my attention that I regard the matter of all things fecal quite often on my blog and today is no exception! I’m pretty gross 98% of the time and I’m not ashamed of it but I am begining to rethink the things I post here.

The following search terms have yielded this little blog as a result, brace yourselves, some of these are disturbing.

9 views from: fat girl asshole

(A fat girl who happens to be an asshole or um … um … not sure how to say this … a fat asshole? Speaking of … my sister’s dog … nevermind.I shan’t speak of these things … )

2 views from: japanese ear pickers in america

(while not relevant to this post, funny just the same.)

2 views from: gangbanging fat girls

( If you happen to be the reader who found me via this search kindly click the “x” in the top right corner. *Shudder* That is downright  disturbing. I must shower again v.v. soon)

2 views from: a picture of chris brown a fat girl

(Come again? Were you looking for Chris Brown? May I suggest as a more suitable alternative or perhaps you were looking for a fat girl name Chris Brown. Sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place, no fat girl named Chris Brown here. I do hope you find what you are looking for.)

2 views from: fat girl pooping

(Really? These are the kinds of things that make me afraid to birth chitlins into this world. Try 2girls1cup, I hear it’s quite entertaining however, I’m not linking. Double shudder.)

2 views from: fatty assholes

(Hm. This one has me bamboozled.)

2 views from: wii fit what the hell

(Yea! WiiFIT! What the Hell!?! I got your back brotha.)

2 views from: fat poop girls

(A group of fat girls that refer to themselves as, “The Poop Girls?” Girls that have abnormaly sized BM’s? I’m stumped.)


Moving on, there isn’t much news on the weight loss front other than, I ate McDonalds tonight.

Yea, that’s right, I ATE MCDONALDS. I HAD 10 CHICKEN NUGGETS AND ALL OF MY FRIES WITH SWEET & SOUR DIPPING SAUCE (that shit was made by the Devil himself, I am certain of it) and it was fuckin’ delicious man. As a result of my McDonald’s massacre, it appears as though I won’t be having cheat day Saturday. Suck.


In an effort to provide my readers with some entertainment, where I am obviously lacking here are my picks for most entertaining blogs. Hopefully they don’t look at their search terms and think “Fatty McFatterson, say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? FML, there is a fat girl reading my blog. Oh shit.”


All & Sundry  (Funny, on the reals. Has overcome addiction to birth two bootiful babies and has a HOTTTT husband.)

Amalah (Also the mother of two boys, Noah & Ezra. Noah has some sort of developmental issue, not sure what exactly it is. As always, I was late to the party and missed the boat and holy ass, she has quite the archive! Alas, she is damned funny and handles situations with breathtaking humor.)

Big Mama (A fellow Texan and housewife who is raising a hilarious smallish daughter.)

Lulu & Moxley (If you’ve ever seen Dora The Explorer, do yourself a favor and read this. If you don’t pee just a little, something is wrong with you.)

Wendi Aarons (Author of the infamous letter to the makers of Always Maxi Pads. Hilarious.)



I have 30+ blogs in my Reader but those are some of the highlights. You all can thank me later (in a monetary form, of course.)  I accept cash, check and credit. Contact me for my PayPal info.


So my little twinkle toe readers … what are some of your favorite blogs? Share with me.


~ by Kendall on September 2, 2009.

One Response to “Search Yield: Weird”

  1. I agree with you on that sweet and sour sauce. Holy crap, I could practically drink the stuff.

    She makes me laugh most of the time.

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