Dear Monday, suck it.

It took every ounce of my being to drag my lazy bahonkus out of bed this morning. The whole getting out of bed thing certainly isn’t getting any easier. Last night I didn’t sucumb to my very favorite friend, sleep, until after 2:00 AM. Why you ask (boys and people who don’t care for TMI, skip ahead) I have a sneeking suspicion I’ve got a UTI. Let me just be the first to say, not a fan of this feeling.

I always, always, always feel like I have to pee and when I try, nothing or nothing to write home about at least. So anyway seeing as how I don’t have any health insurance (the benefit of working for a v.v. small company and my husband being unemployed) I googled home remedies and found that by drinking boat loads of water you may flush some of the bacteria out. Even if it doesn’t flush it out, at least I’m producing something and I don’t feel like a failure in my bathroom endeavors. Speaking of bathroom endeavors … nevermind, I shall keep that one to myself.


Anyway, if you’ve had experience with a UTI and treating it yourself please, speak up. I’m not sure how much longer I can bear this and we just don’t have the funding for me to pay out of pocket for a doctor right now. Will any antibiotic work to clear it up (I’ve got at least 13 bottles laying around from various bouts of strep, ear infections, etc.)


Did I mention I’m tired? This weekend kicked my ass and handed it to me in a nicely gift wrapped box.


Friday night found me changing my mind at the very last second about going out (I had meant to stay home and relax oh, and to a laxative because, things just weren’t happenin’) but, I wound up at a popular Saloon and Dancehall here in North Houston. It was my very first time to ever be in a bar and not drink a drop of alcohol. Naturally, everybody assumed I was pregnant. Wrong.


Friday was a really good test of wills to see if this is really working out for me. On my way to soundcheck (my husband is in a band that played there on Friday night) I picked up 10 yes, 10 ninety nine cent double cheeseburgers from McDonalds for the boys. I’m just nice like that. While not a fan of a McDonald’s “hamburger” those suckers smelled GOOD. I battled internally for at least an hour about eating one but decided against it, I had almonds, sunflower seeds and some veggies instead (BORING!) It was about as boring as this post, sorry Baby Jesus, not feeling very witty this morning.


Saturday was mega cleaning day (say that in a movie announcer voice.) I feel like now that I’m getting older I see dirt that I never saw before. Has this happened to anybody else? I cleaned from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. My house has never been so clean before, I just kept seeing things that needed to be cleaned. I felt pretty good about things Saturday, I wore ankle weights to add a little extra to my routine and had a thin sheen of sweat for a greater portion of the day.


Some other things happened Saturday that I’d rather not discuss. I’ll just say, they hurt me. Word can be hurtful over the Interwebs.


Yesterday I was rudely shoved out of bed by my husband at about 5 am and couldn’t go back to sleep after that. We took a mini road trip down to Galveston for my nephew’s third birthday party at Moody Gardens. I was doubtful that it would be worth the trip and expense to my sister but, I was proved wrong. The party room has a private window to the Aquarium and just happened to be the favorite resting spot of the thirteen year old turtle (which is MASSIVE by the way) and a couple of creepy looking sharks. After the kids oogled the fish and banged on the window for a few hours we got to go have a private meeting with a penguin.




All in all, it was a good weekend. I was fearful that I would go off the deep end with my eating but, I kept myself reigned in. My weight this morning was 241.1, not bad I’d say. 41 pounds to go!


~ by Kendall on August 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dear Monday, suck it.”

  1. Keep flushing yourself out with water. Cranberry juice helps the bacteria in your urinary tract from “sticking” so drink lots of that too. But make sure it is 100% Cranberry juice, not cocktail or other combo. Also for discomfort you can buy some urinary analgesic pills that AZO makes…AZO also has Cranberry pills also, but I would recommend just drinking your weight in water and actually cran juice instead. Usually antibiotics in the “sulfa” family are prescribed for UTI’s but I think you can also try amoxicillan if you don’t have the other…may not be as effective.

    I’ve only had 1 miserable UTI before but it was bad enough that I take all these super precautions if I think one is ever creeping up.

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Kendall-

    Having had a UTI while unemployed AND uninsured I have a couple of things I try….

    1. I hate cranberry juice so I take Cranberry supplemental vitamins (you can get them in the vitamin section of CVS or Walgreens)

    2. Also get some Vitamin C while you’re there (I think the most you’re allowed to take i slike 600 mg a day).

    3. Advil (or some pain killer – Advil’s just the one i prefer)

    4. Go to Whole Foods and get some Uri Cleanse (its in a green and white bottle) the stuff is AMAZING….

    Hopefully in a day or two you should start feeling normal!

  3. the UTI might be why you’re so tired. I was wiped out the one and only time I had one. It hit me like a freight train, of course over a weekend, and by the time i went to the DR, it had moved all the way to my kidneys, I had so much protien in my urine they wanted to admit me! DONT let it get that far if you can’t clear it up at home. Most painful thing I’ve ever had!

    And I’m with Steph, ignore the calories for now, chug the cranberry juice!

  4. I drank a gallon of cranberry juice, knocked it out overnight, though I had had it for a few days, and it was bad. It was a doubly bad night, as I had food poisoning from sushi. I suspect the cranberry juice was low-sugar, at least, don’t get that super sweet stuff. Good luck!

  5. Certainly don’t take the antibiotics you have sitting around. You should have taken them ALL (even though you felt better) when they were originally prescribed. Chances are they’ve gone bad by now and it’s time to chunk them.

    Like everyone else said…water water water, cranberry juice. If it gets worse…go to the doctor!!!!!!!

    No need to die from a UTI- I’ve seen them get pretty bad!

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