Get Fit Friday!


I woke up this morning and truly felt good for the first time in a very long time. I got some unexpected motivation this week and it is truly helping me. I’m going to keep it a secret for now, I don’t want to be judged.


I went to the gym on Wednesday and kicked my own ass. I did 35 minutes at 3 mph on the treadmill. Then, as if asking for a death sentence, got on the stairmaster. I lasted 6 minutes, climbed 12 flights of stairs. It doesn’t sound like much but, 60 something calories burned in 6 minutes? I’ll take it.


After my workout I thought I’d talk to a trainer. I shouldn’t have talked to the trainer. $660 for 12 sessions in which I would need to buy supplements, vitamins, meal replacement shakes, a journal and $200 for meal plans. Uhm, thanks but no thanks. I can do this on my own. (No I can’t but I can’t afford to hire you!)


I actually made it back to the gym yesterday (!) and did about 45 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 miles per hour at a 3 incline. I was sweating, alot. I went home and had a very small baked potato because we have NO food in our house. Mark had to be @ Tuts to play last night so it was just a quiet night for Bowen and I. Bowen wrecked the quiet thing right to shit when he started barking in my face for no good reason. I decided, the damned dog needed some exercise so I put my tennies back on and off we went.


Something strange happened during our walk. I had this crazy urge to run. On purpose. Without being chased. Bowen didn’t know what to do with himself. It felt good. Let’s face it, I would have never run if it were daylight and people were outside. I look like an idiot when I run. My goal is to be able to run our entire route without stopping.


So, the point of this post was to tell y’all that this morning I weighed in @ 222 and looked like this:






I have plans for gym, hydration station and running with Bowen tonight. If I’m not back in a few days, that means I’ve died of physical exhaustion.


~ by Kendall on February 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Get Fit Friday!”

  1. That trainer is a hack and should be shot. Period. End of story. Probably has a P-Fit certification, which is basically poo.
    Yes, you CAN do this on your own. And if you need some tips, I’ve got a Master’s just wasting away and I’ll give you tips for free.

  2. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! That trainer is nuts!! You can do it on your own….that is what I am doing right now! How close are you to the Tomball area? My uncle is a trainer somewhere around there.

  3. tell me about hydration station! haven’t done it. is it great?

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