Random factoids

I always read these random facts posts on stranger’s blogs so, I thought, what the hell? I am bored at work and I just did this on Facebook. 

1. I am 1/4 Japanese. I only know one Japanese word, McDonalds. Although my mother is Japanese, she looks Mexican.

2. I have not put color on my hair since a particulary bad dye accident my sophmore year of HS.

3. 1/4 of my hair is already grey? gray?

4. My sister’s and I are all almost exactly 5 years apart. All of our names begin with the letter “K” and our middle names start with the letters L, M, N and not on purpose.

5. I was named after a soap opera star.

6. My best friend growing up, across the street, was born 2 days after me, her name was Kendal (doesn’t that look weird?) but, she had blonde hair.

7. I smiled a fake assed crooked smile until I was in the 7th grade in every single solitary picture I’ve found.

8. I used to eat with my hand covering my mouth because, my sister’s used to make fun of the way I chewed.

9. I laugh when people fall. I don’t even ask if they need help. I’m mean like that. I once laughed when my sister was having a seizure. It’s something I do when I am nervous I suppose.

10. I wet the bed until I was 8 and even had an accident in High School. I sucked at life.

11. I don’t hover over toilets. It’s gross I know but, I always manage to pee on myself and that to me, is grosser than sitting on the toilet in the first place. In the same token, I can’t pop and squat, I always have pee pants afterwards.

12. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a middle aged sexually repressed hag. I actually quite like sex. I also like to be naked, I just don’t talk about it on a public music forum so boys will like me. I have a boy that likes me quite a bit, even if I don’t walk around naked.

13. I am addicted to the Internet.

14. My childhood nicknames were PorkChop, Booger and Lil Lupe. The one that stuck was, Ne Na Ho. My sister’s still call me by that name.

15. I cannot walk in heels longer than a few minutes. I must be sitting down.

16. I never untie/tie my shoes.

17. I really like to eat strange foods. Ketchup with Macaronni. Green Apples with salt. Cucumbers and Apple Cider Vinegar. White Rice with soy sauce and A1 Sauce. I could go on for days.

18. I loathe talking on the phone. My text messaging bill every month is out of control.

19. I was the only person in my family born in Texas. Both of my sisters were born in Michigan.

20. When I was a baby, both of my arms came out of socket. Once when I got my arm stuck in my crib and once when my grandma was trying to put a floatie on my DRY arm. Thanks Grandma!

21. I spent most of my summers growing up at the lake in Michigan.

22. I love to fish.

23. I hate to use Qtips. Instead, I have a Japanese ear wax picker. It’s the best. My ears are always squeeky clean but, I produce an abnormal amount of ear wax due to all of the scar tissue in my ears.

24. If I didn’t have to work, I wouldn’t. I would lay on the couch all day and ready books and watch TV.

25. I am lazy to a fault.

26. I don’t mind doing laundry, I just hate folding it.

27. I have a permanant bruise on my right arm from where my best friend bit me when we were 18. I was sent home from work the day after it happened to see a doctor.


~ by Kendall on February 3, 2009.

One Response to “Random factoids”

  1. Oh my god! You always crack me up but this time it was out of control! The “one Japanese word… McDonalds”????!!!! I was peacefully drinking water and had an incident when I read that and ended up dribbling it out of my nose onto my keyboard. Holy Shit!

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