So as most of you know, Friday’s are my weigh in days. I had pretty low expectations when I got on my scale this morning what with the not doing Weight Watchers and not going to the gym this week.


I am @ 222. Lucky number or is it more of an ominous number? I guess we shall find out.


The assholes here @ work decided to take us to lunch today and I can no longer eat for the remainder of the week. There is absolutely nothing healthy you can eat @ a Japanese Steakhouse and be cheap about it. Then those assholes decided to buy a cake for the January birthdays. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t like coconut.


Hope y’all are all doing well in your weight loss journeys, whatever they may be.


~ by Kendall on January 23, 2009.

One Response to “Assholes”

  1. Are you eating dinner? I was reading some of your posts and you don’t seem to mention it a lot. Just curious.

    I came across your blog randomly and have been reading it while I’m at work.

    I’ve never been on weight watchers, but about a year and half a ago I weighed about 185 pounds (18 years old). But since then I’ve lost 50lbs. I wanted to tell you that because I know how hard it is. I was always the fat friend, and after my ex broke up with me, I told myself to stop fucking around and put everything into losing the weight. It’s not easy, especially saying no to the things you love the most. (I will also be an inner fatty. forever.). But don’t ever give up. I almost gave up so many times, fell back into my old ways, but keep pushing through and remind yourself of your goals everyday..

    Anyways, if you ever wanted to talk I’ve got my own blog and also my email is there as well just in case.

    Good luck, I know you have the heart to do it. Just keep pushing yourself.


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