In the spirit of pessimism.


I wasn’t all that impressed with Biggest Loser last night. While the contestants lost a boatload of weight, I wasn’t ohhing and ahhing over their transformations. In the past it seems like the contestants were different people when they came for final weigh ins.


I must say that while being a fan of Biggest Loser, I also see it as projecting unrealistic goals to people who will never ever be able to do what these contestants are doing. 100’s of pounds in 12 weeks? I’ve not ever heard of anybody achieving that on their own without the aid of surgery or other drastic measures.


While I give mad props (leave me alone, it sounded good) to the contestants and trainers,  it isn’t going to happen in real life. These are the perfect conditions for weight loss. They have no TV, no Internet, nothing to do but work out and are monitored 24/7. Somebody is always watching what they put in their mouths. I mean sure, if I had Jillian screaming at me that I am a fat heifer and somebody yanks the fork out of my hand, I’d be sure to lose a few hundred pounds as well.


As I was watching last night, they showed Vickie’s little montage of waking up at 4 am to run for an hour, then making breakfast and lunch, going to work, going to the gym, and not getting home until 9 or 10. No thanks. I would rather be portly then be that girl, that gives up her life for the gym.


I know alot of people love this show and find it inspirational and blah blah blah but, it’s my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to.  I have pretty much abandoned Weight Watchers, but I sticking to what I know and have learned from being on the program as many times as I have. I did Wii Fit and a few minutes of Jillian’s workout last night in an effort to get myself moving. I have been snacking on fruits AND candy instead of just candy.


It is pretty much a downward spiral from here, I always recognize when I am about to fall again.


~ by Kendall on December 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “In the spirit of pessimism.”

  1. I don’t watch Biggest Loser anymore for the exact reasons you mentioned. Good for the people who get on the show and make it happen, but that is just not realistic for the rest of the couch potato world.

    I tried to buy 30DS 4 times yesterday and no one could find the copies they were supposed to have in stock. I think God likes me fat. lol

    Also, I ate a giant bag of Mini Eggs…hello spiral 😦

  2. I was just having that conversation with my Curves girls this morning about how in real life you wouldnt be able to lose a hundred pounds in 12 weeks, there is no way.

    PS I love your blog, it just reminds me of me, I own a Curves workout facility, I have gone to WW for almost a year now, and i still cant reach my damn 10% goal. But hell at least we are trying!!!

  3. I always use exercise to head off downward spirals. Fruit is good, too. Exercise is great for weight loss, and it clears my head and helps me with depression in a big way.

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