I am a firm believer in luck.


I guess it’s just too fuckin’ bad I don’t have any.


I hate the shit out of those people, you know the ones, that get a lottery scratch off ticket in their birthday card or as the 3rd gift on Hanukkah, they scratch all nonchalantly and bamo! they win $100.


You know the ones, “oh ha ha ha I just fell into this really great job where I spent 3 months in Tahiti, my boss looks like a GQ model and my 401K is unbelievable.”


The ones who inherited their great legs and skin and hair and goddamned super metabolism from their mother.


Too bad I am NONE of those things. From my mother I inherited no eyelids, barely there eyelashes and oily skin. From my father I inherited, a knack for having acid reflux, no kneecaps and a slothpaced metabolism. Thanks pops. Thanksfornothingyouingr…. nevermind.


I am pissy this week, canyatell? Perhaps it is because I have fallen so hard off the wagon that it knocked me out and ran me over. Perhaps? I haven’t counted points, at all. I am tired of counting points. I have been sick for no good reason, I spent way too much on scratch off lottery tickets and I didn’t win shit, my fuckin’ dog has been going bonkers. I am ready for this week to over.


I mean really, I should be happy about this week. It snowed. It snowed in Houston. It was infuckingcredible! I should have made a bet with my mom because she swore to the Baby Jesus that it wouldn’t snow.


I promised I would blog about good for nothin’ Biggest Loser today but, I lied. HA! Thought you could trust me? Think again! Perhaps, on Tuesday before the finale.


I don’t know how much I currently weigh, so don’t ask. Have a good weekend lovies.


~ by Kendall on December 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “I am a firm believer in luck.”

  1. I have no luck either 😦 Sucks.

    I’m pissy this week too, not sure if it’s PMS? Who am I kidding? I am pissy every week

  2. We have about the same luck….

    youd think wed be use to it after 20 years

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