I’m still here.


I haven’t died or been abducted (nobody would want me anyway.) I am severely lacking in the creative word department at the moment. I have been too tired to think of anything worth your time while I am falling asleep. The weather in Houston makes me want to crawl under my desk (if I fit) and take a nap for 7 days. Snowing (not really, because  it doesn’t know here, it’s just ice) in Houston. It’s cold and rainy and I want to sleep.


Diet is sucking because I like ice cream entirely too much for this to work. I think tomorrow I will talk about Biggest Loser and howfuckingunrealistic it is. Sorry. I must be in a bad mood today. All I want to do is eat the chocolate bar sitting in the refrigerator.


I’ll try to post tomorrow something not so depressing.


~ by Kendall on December 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m still here.”

  1. hang in there! I ate ice cream almost daily when I was losing on WW. I made a deal with myself that if I got activity, I could have icecream. I would often throw fruit in with it to get more bang for my pts!

    I bought ice cream that was 1 or 2 pts a serving and allowed myself 1 serving a day

    Surpringly enough, I don’t really eat icecream all that often now. I bought some Sunday for the first time in months

  2. I know what you mean about the candy bar. I don’t really like candy, but I keep neither ice cream nor potato chips in the house, as I dwell on them, thus must eat them, just to get it out of my mind. Do you think it’s possible to just get a little single serving cup of really good ice cream when you are absolutely dying for one? That’s not that much damage, and if it will stop the craving and the mindfuck, it will probably be worth it.

    Hope you feel better.

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