Pictures at the end. You might not want to look.


So it has come to my attention as of late that I am a horrible, ball busting, gossiping cow. I’m not even real sure why I am talking about this on my blog, I should just leave it alone. Then again, I am not known to drop things in a normal fashion. I like to have the last word.


This person is very unlikely to even look at my blog because I don’t link to it. Unless somebody personally gives her the link she will probably never even see it.  I won’t even name the internet forum in which these things are happening because I don’t want to drag all the good things they are doing in the dirt. Somebody recentely stated in a public forum in which I am a member of that they thought Kwanzaa was a stupid madeup Holiday.


I sat and thought about the statement for a moment and thought to myself, like Kwanzaa, are most if not all Holidays, invented? Was The 4th of July Holiday not invented to celebrate the Independence of our Nation? Was Veterean’s Day not “invented” to remember and recognize the men and women who have defended our country? Was Christmas not “invented” to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ (if you believe in that kind of thing.)


Anyway, being an immigrant’s granddaughter I thought I should speak my mind. Granted, I don’t celebrate Kwanzaa or claim to know that much regarding Kwanzaa, I feel all nationalities/heritages/and or cultures are entitled to celebrate accordingly. My grandmother became an American citizen and a Christian woman after marrying my grandfather, an American soldier stationed in Japan. She was previously a Japanese Buddhist. While she does not celebrate Japanese Holidays I think if she wanted to, she damn sure should be able to without being ridiculed for it.


In this debate many played the “black” card. One of the statements was, “Kwanzaa is a joke. made up so white libs could feel good about teaching black kids about things the kids couldn’t care less about.” I just really took offense with this. I wanted to SCREAM, “just because you are white does not give you the right to lessen this for them.” It would be similar to my non Irish self saying, St. Patrick’s Day is a stupid invented Holiday. What kind of ignorant asshole would I look like should I say things like that?


My entire point was to say that, think about what you are typing before you type them. It is a public forum and you never know who is lurking around. While I am not innocent of thinking before typing, I generally try to think of other people’s thoughts and feelings before spewing ignorant statements.


To cut to the chase, a few of us jumped her ass. She in turn, wrote a blog about us, calling us fat cows and cunts and all kinds of other colorful words that made her look about as smart as she was trying to present herself. You know, we need to grow up. While I am sure others think I am a horrible mean person, all I was trying to do was make a point. While she is entitled to her opinion, obviously, I am no longer entitled to mine. My opinion is that the statements that were made were beyond ignorant. I don’t generally fight for something unless I really believe in it. I will step back from any political debate because I don’t claim to anything regarding politics. I won’t touch religion, I can count on one hand the times I’ve been to Church. I do however know alot about how hard it is for somebody to stay in touch with who they are and who they previously were when somebody is telling you not to celebrate those things.


I have probably lost you all by now. Sorry Baby Jesus, that had nothing to do with dieting or me being fat. Oh wait, I mentioned being a fat cow so, there ya go.


To appease you all, I took fat pictures of myself last night and I CANNOT believe I am going to post them here but, here goes nothing. I promised progress pictures and these are the first round. Please lovies, don’t be to hard on me. You don’t have to look at my train track belly, it might blind you with it’s neon glow.






So in conclusion, I make myself looking at those pictures, I hope you all have a barf bag or at the very least, a trashcan next to you. I have lost another pound since my last weigh in so, I am now 224.


Also, I will not apologize for standing up for what I believe in. If you think that you were being any more mature by calling any of us fat ugly cows, cunts or any of the above, darlin’ you had better think again.


~ by Kendall on December 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Pictures at the end. You might not want to look.”

  1. Well said!

    And you’re going to be glad you have these pictures when you lose weight. They are going to remind you of how far you’ve come, and where you never want to go again!

  2. This may seem like a completely random question, but how tall are you? I’m just thinking that we must be pretty close in body type and if I stay fat then I can have all your old clothes when you get skinnier. I’m so smart, I know.

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