I swear to God


If my motherfuckin’ zipper comes down one more time today, I am wearing sweatpants for the rest of my life.


Or I might just not wear pants ever again but, I wouldn’t want to be known as the fatgirl with loose morals so maybe I should stick to the sweatpants.


By the way, I had Ben & Jerrys for lunch. I am doing so good at this.


~ by Kendall on December 4, 2008.

One Response to “I swear to God”

  1. Have I told you lately that you crack me up? Every time I read one of your posts I end up laughing my ass off! NOT AT YOU BUT WITH YOU. I experience the same shit!

    There is something to the suggestion of “taking it one meal at a time”… if you have a questionable meal you can forgive yourself for it and make good choices the next meal. I find that in the past I tended to mess up a meal and throw the whole day out the door. Or throw the whole week/month/year out the door. I think that picking myself up the very next meal is where I have really had the biggest challenge.

    Oh, I have the biggest issue with keeping my pants ON. Since the plus sized fashion world has decided that all fat girls have smaller waists… yeah. I have a beer gut and shit just slips right off of me. There is no sign of hips to save my pants from just falling off. I have to used belts like nooses just to keep them on. I also might just swear off pants too and switch to sweats only.

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