An Open Letter

Dear Jillian Michaels,


  I hate you. I hate your stupid workout video. I hate that I only made it 7 minutes through the FIRST LEVEL! I hate that I had to stop your stupid workout video because I could no longer breathe or move my limbs. I really could have slapped your face when you said “400 pound people are doing this workout!” I especially hate that it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to function today. My limbs feel as if they were beaten by a 2×4. Thank you for showing me that something as simple as jumping jacks could bring my fatass right back to the reality of how difficult they actually are. I promise when I drag my ass through the front door tonight, I will turn on your stupid assed workout video and cry my way through it. I promise. I also promise I won’t be able to get out of bed tommorrow, or lift a fork to my mouth.




Fatty McFatteson


~ by Kendall on December 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “An Open Letter”

  1. Oh no! Maybe I shouldn’t pick it up. I had *just* convinced myself to get…and now this! Does it hurt when you sit and stand too? That’s the WORST!

  2. When I first started going to a bootcamp class and I was sooooooooooo out of shape I literally could not lift my arms one Friday. Thank God I was at work by myself and had nothing to do becuase I just sat there holding back the tears until I went home. The creative way I got dressed still makes me laugh…but I have never felt pain like that before and I never want to again!

  3. Whatever. I am a 300+ pound person and I am NOT doing her video! Maybe if she was standing in front of me screaming at me and holding $250,000! Otherwise, too much ass kicking for a beginner or almost anyone- at any weight!

    I think you might have to take that video in baby steps because it is a monster! Like adding a couple of minutes a week.

    Good Luck Lady! Let us know how you progress with it!

  4. Good luck. She is brutal, even in DVD form!
    I need to start doing mine again. It’s a good kind of pain

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