Wii Fittin’ my way to skinny bitchdom.


Almost Husband and I have had a Wii Fit for almost a year now and I’ve only used it a handful of times. Good waste of the dinero, eh? It’s what we do best.


I decided today that when I get home this afternoon, I will pull out the Wii Fit Balance Board and blow off the dust bunnies, dead spiders and dog hair. I will suffer through the weighing process and hear the stupid “oh!” when I step on the board. Yes, Wii landian, I know I’ve gained weight since the last time, thanksomuchforthenewsflash. Good for nothin’ I tell ya, good for nothing!


Anyway, aside from my hatred of the male yoga instructor and his a la 80’s rat tail, I pretty much love Wii Fit. It really is a good workout or, I’m just THAT out of shape. Those hoola hoops will bust your ass right good, I tell ya (I’m feeling the country accent today, I am after all going to be a white trash bridesmaid soon!) The first few times I used Wii Fit, it was really more of a competition between my Mom and I to see who could hoola hoop the best. Please keep your laughter to a minimum when I tell you, I could not move for the next 3 days. My abs felt as if they were beaten by a metal crow bar a la Tanya Harding. I feel your pain Nancy Kerrigan, I feel ya. Well, I don’t really feel you, never-mind, you get what I’m saying.


My goal in all of this is just to get moving. I am not going to committ myself to the gym because, in all honestly, I would fail miserably. Then, I’d have to go throw myself off a bridge into oncoming traffic or something and let’s face it, that would be a big mess so I will just avoid saying that I’m going to the gym.


On the update front, I switched my WW from weight loss to maintaining my current weight. Thanks Krissy for mentioning it! This way, I have a few extra points so I don’t have to feel all guilty and shit about indulging on Thanksgiving Day. You know what happens when I feel guilty, I go play in traffic blindfolded and such. I kid I kid.


I’m off to buy some Pledge and earplugs for my Wii experience.




~ by Kendall on November 25, 2008.

7 Responses to “Wii Fittin’ my way to skinny bitchdom.”

  1. Seriously I want a Wii fit, ok I don’t want to cheat on my redneck galleymatch soon to be husband but I need a sugardaddy to get me. Wii Fit, dang.

    Redneck, White Trash is my tattoo!

  2. I want a Wii Fit too. I will have to make that investment soon. Good luck Kendall!! Let me know how it goes, and just how sore you are when you’re done! 🙂

  3. I want a Wii Fit! Let me know if it really helps.

  4. I thinkI’m going to buy myself a wii Fit for Christmas. I guess that means I need to get a Wii too. HA!

    And getting moving is the first step. You are on the right track! 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I love the Wii Fit! And the hola hoop does kick your ass! I also love the 20 minute step class!! Good luck, I think you are doing FABULOUS!!!

  6. Good luck!

  7. i play with my cousins wii fit all the time. it’s pretty fun and i like how i sorta forget i’m working out….until i can’t breathe of course!

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