Oh my ovaries.

I’d like to die today. Seriously, right after my ovaries come exploding and bursting right out of my ear holes. If giving birth is anything like menstruating, I’ll be a cat lady. No I won’t, I’ll be a dog lady, I hate cats.


Just a quick, or not so quick update. My weekly Weight Watchers weigh in day is Friday, I have to go to my mom’s house to weigh because, that is my dependable Weight Watchers scale. I haven’t lost a frackin pound. Not one. I guess it didn’t help that I scarfed 3 pieces of pizza before weighing but, they were thin crust. That helps, right?


Also on Friday, I went and got my dress fitted? altered? … I’m not sure what to call it but anyhow, it fit so all of that drama can be over and done with.


Oh and by the by, don’t ever try to find a decent Halloween costume at 5:30 on the day of Halloween. It just doesn’t work right. This is what I ended up goin as:



First I said Missy Elliott. Then I showed up to the party and everybody was calling me a Katritian? So, I guess that’s what I was. A few people referred to me as an Obama supporter. Oh well, it worked, and I won Best Costume, my prize was a bottle of Boone’s Farm.


A few more pics from Halloween before we went to or Halloween party.


Tyler was a golfer, and Kristin, his caddie? caddy?


Angelica was a drunken fairy princess. Her damned wings wouldn’t stay straight.

If that ain’t a mini me, I don’t know what is.

Hiding from “Monsterrrrr NaNa” (that would be me!)

Thug life  baby.


On another note, my sister’s 4th and FINAL bridal shower was yesterday on Lake Conroe. I almost died from a sugar overload. Seriously. My mom has this lady that makes THE best Petit Fours in the entirity of the universe. Iate 8 of them. I also ate 4 rolls, 6 egg rolls, a cupcake pop, some chicken salad, pita chips, and like 12 cups of Southern Comfort punch. I wanted to vomit. I am suffering the after effects from a sugar binge today, I’m sorry stomach and kidneys and pancrease and liver. Please don’t revolt. I promise I will feed you better things in the days to come. I promise.


~ by Kendall on November 3, 2008.

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