Hobby Lobby is the devil.


I am convinced that Hobby Lobby was created by and for evil scheming spawns of satan to take all of my money. Seriously. I cannot walk into the danged place without being completely entranced by the knicky knacky cutesies.


I know this post has nothing to do with weight – loss but, just the thought of Christmas (yes, I said it, sue me whydontya!) makes my butt a little extra jigglier and my muffintop a little muffier?




Hm. Not a word, oh well.  You get what I’m trying to say.


I walked into Hobby Lobby today completely convinced I was not going to buy ONE.SINGLE.THING. Not one. Yea right. I was with my sister picking up cups for my other sister’s bridal shower. I was pulled, it’s gravity I tell ya, to the Holiday Decorations.


50% off of Fall and Halloween Decorations!?!? Man, we still have like a MONTH of Fall. I can’t pass this up. I just can’t. I’ve got to get some Halloween decorations for next year anyway, I will just pack them up and bring ’em back out next go round. You can’t beat half off. I’d rather buy decorations than Halloween candy anyhow.


I walked out of that damned cursed store with more than I had ever dreamed I would leave with. I also left with plans for my next paycheck. Doh. Christmas decorations, here we come!  


I bought a pair of wings for Angelica’s Halloween costume ($3!) because, you know, princesses wear wings now?  I also “invested” in a few little figurines for Halloween next year and several wooden “Fallish” signs to randomly place around our humble abode.


I perused the Christmas trees (I refuse to live in a house without a Christmas tree.) The lovely I want is $320 dollars, I found an online coupon for 40% off any regular priced item, which would make it almost $200 dollars. Mark thinks it’s too much (Mark thinks everything is too much unless it’s technology). What do you think? Oh, and by the way, could HL carry a few  more Christmas Ornaments. Geez, make it a little harder on my pocketbook whydontya!  Oh readers of mine, do tell me the theme of your Christmas Tree.


On the diet front, because, that is what you are all here for afterall is it not?


It’s going fairly well with Weight Watchers. I had some Weight Control oatmeal for breakfast and a little 1 point WW cake before lunch. A Smart Ones (what’s with the name anyway?) for lunch. It was fairly disgusting. I vaguely remember a gag moment. Now I have 20 something points to nosh? gnosh? on when I get home.


Friday is my weigh in, it’s also the day I have to go bite the proverbial bullet and get my dress altered.


I’m crying, wailing actually.


And hey! All you lurkers! Yea, I’m talking to you …


Introduce yourself or something.


I dare you.


~ by Kendall on October 29, 2008.

One Response to “Hobby Lobby is the devil.”

  1. My tree is red and silver, I added black last year, with a lot of stars. I have lighted star on top instead of an angel. I absolutely love decorating for Christmas…and…fyi…HL will always have their trees on sale so you can’t use a coupon, I’ve kept an eye on it the last few years. I got mine on sale the day after Thanksgiving at Garden Ridge a few years ago.

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