Friends, gather your stones.


And join around me in a circle.








I just wolfed  ate half of an Oreo Blast from Sonic.  I had every intention of eating the whole thing. I did. Then all of a sudden I had this full bloat in my gut. What the hell? I never get full. Maybe this whole diet thing is working after all.


I looked up the “nurtritional” value of a Sonic Blast and this particular one contains 666 calories. Coinkydink? I think not.


I instantly spit in the cup, sprinkled salt all over it, and threw the other half (it was a full half) in the trash. Yes, I have to do these things to prevent me from pulling them out of the trash.


I started a new all natural diet pill yesterday. The nurse told me that things should get pretty interesting in the ladies’ ifyaknowwhatimean. I won’t gross you out too badly but, I haven’t had any ill effects as of yet. She said about Day 2 or 3 I should know what she is talking about.


I plan on sitting my fat hiney on our stationary bike for at least 1 hour tonight. If it gets cool enough (come on cold front!) I might take Bowen for a long walk.


~ by Kendall on October 22, 2008.

8 Responses to “Friends, gather your stones.”

  1. Okay, so spill the beans…what “All Natural Diet Pill” are you taking? Cause I’m a sucker for diet pills. *BAD HEATHER*

  2. Not sure the name of it. I forgot. I am going to pick up a bottle tommorrow so, I will let you know then. My nurse takes them and she is BIG. Like 400 lbs big. She has lost 50 lbs so far.

  3. WOWZA! I need me some of THAT!!!

  4. It’s made from some sort of cactus and some other nonsense plant. I don’t know … I’ll find out tommorrow 🙂

  5. So Kendall….I have decided that I love you.

  6. Is it Hoodia? Which brand did you get?

  7. Hey Nicole, I love you too 🙂

  8. Meg – It’s not Hoodia. I’m going to find out this week, I promise.

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