Pictures and more rambling.


To make this work, I must completely embaress myself with horrid, ugly, nasty and downright crude pictures of myself. Compare it to Kirstie Alley going on Oprah in a bikini only, not. When I get home tonight I will take a photo of myself in a controlled environment so that when I make progress (because I will) you all can see the results.


Some of these photos were taken in August and some on Labor Day. Shield your eyes, it’s gonna’ hurt. I am almost doubting posting these but, alas, I know I must. So, here goes nothin’.





As you can tell, I have a long road to haul. It’s going to take a while but, I will get there.


I just don’t want to lose my boobies. Wahhhh!


~ by Kendall on October 14, 2008.

8 Responses to “Pictures and more rambling.”

  1. You are beautiful. It doesn’t matter what size you are. Stop being so hard on yourself!
    Beautiful!! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!

  2. Just think of it this way…if you lose them, you can get bigger, better, faker ones that will never ever sag! That is my plan at least! 40 more lbs and boob job here I come! lol

  3. I sooo wish we could compare pictures! Maybe When I get ready to start my journey I’ll post a blog like this. You’ll probably be skinny by then, and I’ll be sad I hadn’t started earlier 😦 Just stay strong!

    You’re such a pretty girl, you’re gonna make a good skinny bitch!

  4. From one fattie to another, I laughed at the comments you added to the pics becuase I say the exact same things!
    I think you’re very prettyful right now – you’re going to be smoking hot when you’re a skinny bitch 🙂

  5. Oh Kendall…do you know why I love you so much? You Keep it REAL! I need some motivation to get off my ass and lose like 100 lbs so get busy and motivate me 🙂

    Love you, mean it.

  6. Oh, we are SO gonna be great friends.

    You are beautiful, my new friend.

    (my mother is a perfect size 4 and has no concept of “unexpected weight gain”. we’ll get through this together, or…we can look for places to hide the bodies and call it exercise.)

  7. Kendall, you really are beautiful. I’m looking forward to keeping up with your weight loss journey. I need some motivation of my own.

  8. OMG!!!! This was the greatest thing I have read ALL day.

    Listen girlie….I’ve been there. At 21 I was was 243 lbs!!!! (god it hurt just to type that) I managed to lose 80 lbs my senior year of college…but my desk job has made some of that creep right back.

    I battle this shit Every. Single. Day….I’ve recently gotten a big jump in the weight loss department. So we can motivate each other!

    We are here for you, hun!

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